Glancing behind me, I realized one wrong step would mean me tumbling all the way back down the steep, mountainous summit. The Fall hiking and canoeing trip is the perfect example of how the best experiences in life come from facing the most intimidating and challenging paths possible.

There comes such wonder in life when we stop giving God expectations and limits, and become open to His plans. I had no idea what to expect going into this trip, but what I had hoped for was to maybe get to know the girls I’ll be living with for the next year through spending time with them, and also become more independent through taking care of myself and my D-group throughout the week. I knew we would be traveling, cooking meals, setting up camp, and taking care of our gear. What I didn’t anticipate at all was just how close a group of girls could get when they completely depended on trust and trust alone that they would support each other through the week, and hold each other up to the high standard of love God calls us to live in. And also trust that they won’t walk into the bushes while you’re peeing…

Trust also came into play every day when I caught myself being afraid; afraid of the rushing ice water, afraid of what the girls thought of me, afraid of falling down Vision Quest mountain, afraid of making mistakes while setting up camp or cooking meals, and I’d remind myself that “God did not give me a spirit of fear” (2 Tim. 1:8), and that in being afraid, I was forgetting to trust in Him. How insulting! God is so powerful; He’s greater than all our struggles and He is attentive to the smallest of details, down to every hair on our heads. He is beyond trustworthy, and I practiced trusting in Him every day of this trip, which brought me a peace that passes all reason. I found peace while my legs were giving out from exhaustion in the middle of the steepest mountain I’ve ever climbed, and in the middle of large waves threatening to engulf our entire canoe. It was so unlike me, but so much like God!

There are many experiences from this trip that will stay with me forever. A lot of them were made amongst my D-group, like when Ashley and I would talk late into the night, and when we would all huddle around our sweet campfire that Nicole made, eating dinner that Nicole also made, and being super fast and efficient at setting up camp with LaDauna’s well of knowledge, and we had so many laughs with Katelyn and Tina in our group, with Katelyn’s jokes and crazy imitations and Tina’s quiet but hilarious comments, especially about random culture differences. The hiking and canoeing also stood out to me; the glory of being immersed in raw nature while canoeing and also looking at the view from the top of that mountain reflect the Creator’s own glory. And of course I’ll always remember the monumental last night heart to heart talks with the whole group, when tears, laughter and love were intimately shared amongst my newly found sisters in Christ. God is faithful, and there is so much life to be lived when we go out of our comfort zones on adventures and trust in His goodness.

Danielle Kroeger- Catalyst Student


My name is Stasia Chan, and this is my first year at CLBI.

anastasiaComing to CLBI, I knew that it would be full of new experiences. I love nature, the outdoors, and all things camping. So naturally, I was excited to go on the Fall Camping trip, and have the opportunity to get to know all the lovely ladies that I am currently enrolled with. I was expecting this trip to be intense, tiring, and a wonderful opportunity to grow in God– and I was right. The trip was intense, mostly because going into it I already felt tired and overwhelmed,as I know many of us were feeling, and I felt almost unprepared to do this trip. But through everything I was feeling, I remember feeling God’s peace come over me the night before as I prayed about how I was feeling towards the trip. In reality, the trip was absolutely amazing, and it truly did help to bring us closer as sisters in Christ.  By the end of the trip, all of us were tired, and really just wanted a shower, but through that, we had the opportunity to share about ourselves around a campfire, and we were all able to get to know each other a little better. I think I might finally be able to name all the girls!

On fall hike I truly got to experience the beauty of God’s creation, and was reminded that since God so intricately planned every part of nature, he also planned every little detail about me too. I also was reminded how God has plans for you and wants to use you in ways that you have no idea about.  When He created me, He had a plan for me and a plan to use my story in some ways that I could never imagine.

There were many things that were difficult on this trip. For instance, trying to start a fire in the rain is not always that easy, so we had to learn how to be resourceful, and how to build a shelter to keep us out of the rain. There were also times during the camping portion of the trip in which the stove that we were using gave us troubles, and we had a hard time cooking with them. But we soon discovered that in order to get the stove to work nicely, you had to pump it at least a hundred times, and then it worked ten times better. There was also a time while we were climbing down Vision Quest mountain where the group that I was in got lost. At this point, we had split into three groups, and mine was the middle one to go. We were all going to meet up about half way down for all of us girls to be able to have solo time. We had been hiking down for about half an hour when we realized that we had definitely missed the meeting point, and were very much lost. So we decided to just continue down the mountain, and meet up with the rest of the girls down at the bus. We knew that we were headed in the right direction because we could see the high way, and Abraham Lake. Eventually, we made it down, and it was actually kind of fun. The group of girls that I got stuck with were great. Never once did we panic or feel scared, because we knew that we would make it down eventually, and that we would be safe. Boy, was it ever nice to see Kate, Wanda, Dean and the bus.

Honestly, this trip was so incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and just loved being able to get to know all the girls I will be living with for the next year. I loved climbing the mountain with them, and hiking to Crescent falls with them, and getting to know them on a deeper level. I got to experience God in an intimate way, and I learned to lean on him even more. Because of this trip, I was reminded that God is the God of love, and that no matter what happens with the people around me, God is the most loving King, and that because I am his daughter, I am a princess.”


We are happy to introduce to you Pastor Karl Faltin. Pastor Karl will begin working at CLBI mid-August and will serve as the school’s Interim President until the next President is hired. To help you get to know Pastor Karl, we have put together an interview with him.

Kathy & Karl 1.JPG

Karl and Kathy Faltin

What is your connection to CLBI?

Back in the seventies, I was a student at CLBI for two years, and then in the nineties I served as board member. Since then, all three of our children have attended CLBI.

What do you love about CLBI’s ministry? 

I love the way it helps people grow deeper and stronger in their relationship with Christ, and the way it puts such a good foundation underneath young people as they go forward from CLBI to live their lives as followers of Jesus.

What are you most looking forward to about your new position as CLBI’s interim president?

I am looking forward to being able to share some exciting things I have begun to do with Navigator’s Ministries in the area of discipleship.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about helping people experience the abundant life that God wants them to have.

What are your hobbies? 

I enjoy golfing, doing crossword puzzles, playing board games and card games, reading (especially science fiction and historical fiction), playing basketball, volleyball and badminton when I have the chance, watching sports (especially football), learning about history (yes – you read that right – I love learning about history – right now I am working my way through the biographies of Roman emperors), and visiting with, laughing with and enjoying our family and friends.

If you were to compare yourself to an animal, what would you be and why?

The one that comes to mind for me is a beaver. I can get so wrapped up in project I am working on that I lose track of everything else going on around me. So, a beaver focused on building his dam and oblivious to whatever is going on around him is a picture I can relate to.

What’s the wildest mission trip experience/story you have? 

Back during my days at CLBI, we didn’t have the chance to go on mission trips, and in the years since I haven’t had a chance to do much of that either. But there were a number of years in my 20’s and 30’s where I helped lead backpacking and canoeing trips for teen groups and families. I had some really interesting experiences on some of those trips. One of the weirdest experiences happened during a back packing trip in the Nordegg area, when in the middle of one night I woke up to this weird sound that sort of sounded like a bear snuffling around in the bush near our campsite. By the time I had woken up, a number of the campers were up along with one of the other leaders. I asked him, “Does that sound to you like what I think it sounds like.”  He said, “Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.”  At that we got our fires up and going really bright, and started making lots of noise, which soon had everybody else up. By this point the sun was starting to rise, and deciding that we didn’t want to spend any more time in the area than we had to, we packed up, skipped breakfast (since we didn’t want any more food smells around than we already had) and spent a very long day hiking out to our vehicles. Once we got there, we decided to put even more distance between us and this possible bear, and drove down the highway to public recreation area where we set up for the night. That night I woke up again to the same sound, and found myself thinking either that was one persistent bear or that was something other than a bear.  Since I couldn’t see a bear chasing our vans down the highway, I decided it was something different than a bear, and got up to try and find out what it was. As I went through our campsite which had 35 campers in all, I finally managed to zero in on where the sound was coming from and discovered that what we had thought was a bear snuffling around in the bushes was actually one of our campers snoring. It was the weirdest snore I had ever heard – I had never heard anyone snore like that before and have never heard anyone snore like it since – a snore that sounded like a bear snuffling around in the bushes – a snore that had the power to get 35 campers up at 4:30 am and on the trail in record time for a 14 hour hike without any complaints or whining what-so-ever.

Who has been the biggest Christian influence in your life?

There is a Christian writer by the name of Dallas Willard who taught philosophy at the University of Southern California when he was alive and who wrote a number of books. Those books are probably the things that have had the most profound impact in my life on how I look at the world around me and how I understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and a Christian living in our society today.

What was your worst traffic violation or your biggest speeding ticket?

Actually I am a pretty boring driver – in fact when my wife, Kathy, and I are driving somewhere, she usually does the driving because she finds that I drive too slow for her.  Anyway, my worst traffic violation was a speeding ticket for doing 50 in a playground zone that I missed seeing the sign for.

Do you have any nicknames the students should know about?

Boy, that takes me back a few years. Back during my days attending Camrose Lutheran College (now Augustana University) I was in the Phys Ed faculty.  With an anatomy class under my belt and a seminar I had attended on dealing with simple sport’s injuries and taping ankles, and knees and wrists, etc, I was asked if I would be willing to be the trainer for the college hockey team. Well, that year the college had a trip to Europe planned so I did not have to think very long at all before saying, “Sure I would be glad to do that.”  At that point I looked something like “Radar” from the TV series MASH which was very popular at the time, so that, along with the fact I was involved with sort of medical kinds of things, led to the coach calling me MASH, which soon became the name I was tagged with during my years at college.

One other nickname I was stuck with came a few years after that. For a number of summers I served as the program director at Hastings Lake Bible Camp. During one of those summers one of the staff members starting calling me “The Big Cheese”.  It wasn’t a name that any campers or parents used, but it was a name that I was called for a number of summers by the staff. And whenever I see that one particular staff member, who now has as much grey hair as I do, he still calls me “The Big Cheese.”

If we asked your kids, what would they say is the most quirky thing about you?

The fact that I didn’t own a cell phone until a couple of months ago, but loved the convenience of being able to send text messages, and so would always be getting my wife to send them text messages for me.

What is the thing that makes you laugh the hardest?

A good comedian who can take some simple quirk of human nature and build and build on it.

What’s the best prank you’ve done to someone? – Or  – What’s the best prank that’s been done to you?

The best prank a good friend of mine and I did was back in our CLBI days, when one-40 degree winter day we moved a fellow students whole room out into the back parking lot while she was doing her devotions at a nearby church. I can still remember her walking up the alleyway, pausing, looking, taking a few more steps, pausing, looking again and then when she recognized that this was her whole room sitting in the parking lot, marching up to see who had done this thing to her.

The best prank that has ever been done to me was actually done to my son Matt, when 35 years later this woman’s niece pulled the exact same prank on him, moving his entire room out into the parking lot, only she went one step better and even moved his door out onto the parking lot.


This past year, God has given me the opportunity to serve at Good Shepherd Church in Camarillo, California, as a CLBI intern. I have been blessed to work along side a great friend and mentor, Pastor Jim Johnson. For the past few months I have been investing my time and heart into youth and children’s ministry. I’ve learned how important it is to be rooted in the Word of God and to rely completely on God to provide all things. During my internship, God has shown me many things but one thing I would like to share is the importance of being a friend to someone.


I thought a great leader was someone who took the lead on things and had everything organized and running smoothly. Because of this, I spent a lot of time trying to be what I thought was a good leader. Instead, God showed me that to be a good leader is sometimes to be a friend. I learned that young people are craving friendship, someone who will come along side them and who will love and encourage them. They are looking for someone who will show up at their basketball games or their school plays with flowers in one hand and a wide smile to greet them.

I realized it doesn’t take much to be a friend to someone, you just have to show up and have an open heart ready to love. So that’s what I did. I stopped trying to be the perfect leader who gets each task done and instead started building

friendships. I saw God begin to use me to love and care for others who may not have anyone at all.


These past few months I have been involved in an organization called Young Life. Young Life takes place in high schools where a bunch of adults show up with pizza and the Word of God for only twenty minutes. In that short time, we try to build friendships and to share the Gospel with young people. Many times our efforts hit a wall but many times hearts have opened up and lives have begun to change. I have been bless- ed to be able to share my life with some of the young girls there and have developed great friendships that I know will continue on long after I leave this place. The girls at Young Life have been asking great questions about who God is and in a short time I have seen many begin to open up their hearts to God.


So many youth have come from shattered homes and heartbreak. I am thankful God has put me here to love these kids, and to be somebody to someone who might not have anyone.


-Kenzie Jack, 2015-2016 CLBI Intern



Last week’s class at CLBI, Biblical Financial Principles, involved a learning activity that gripped students in a real way.  The themes of the day’s instruction pertained to the discrepancy of how the world’s resources are consumed.  Several Bible passages were studied in class relating to the responsibilities of followers of Christ who have the means to ease the burden others face.

Certainly it caused students to ponder whether the very possession of surplus goods or money is sinful.  It is soul searching to be confronted with the realities of how we are blessed to live in North America in light of passages such as  2 Cor. 8:13-15 —

I do not mean that others should be eased and you burdened, but that as a matter of fairness your abundance at the present time should supply their need, so that their abundance may supply your need, that there may be fairness.  As it is written, “Whoever gathered much had nothing left over,

and whoever gathered little had no lack” (ESV).

Of course many of the parables of Jesus and his words to individuals such as the rich young ruler (Mark 10) were sobering to consider as students contemplated our role as managers of God’s resources.

The punctuation on the class discussions occurred as students made their way to the dining hall for the lunch meal.  Wednesday lunches are famously known at CLBI as a favorite…pizza day!  To the chagrin of many however, students were asked to draw a number from a hat and, accordingly, were led to different areas of the dining hall for the noon meal.

“You drew a slip of paper with a ‘3’?  You get to sit over here in this corner on the floor in this corralled area.”  On the floor sat a pot of oatmeal with a ladle, some napkins and a few Styrofoam cups. Sitting among the trash that was strewn about was a second kettle that contained luke-warm and extremely weak coffee-water.   This group was the largest crowd, representing the “2/3 world,” approximately 60% of the student population.


Group 3, representing 2/3 of the world


Group 3 with a tarp over the top bringing to life the heat and smells that come  from living in close community

“A slip of paper with the #2?  Here, you may sit in this middle section on a cushion with a tortilla and a ladle full of curried rice/lentil mix.”   25% of the students represented those who live in the middle income population of the world.


Group 2 represented the middle income population

The handful lucky enough to draw a #1 (15% of the students) were led to a table to share in the pizza lunch that all had longed to be able to enjoy as they typically do each week.


Group 1 enjoying a meal with variety that included fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Real World Meal was an event designed to raise awareness about hunger in the present world and impress upon students that selection and variety of food which we have to enjoy is an incredible blessing.  Beyond increased gratitude for the gifts we often take for granted however, students were also challenged to consider what roles each might fill to stand in solidarity with those who are oppressed, living in want.

May the Holy Spirit continue to lead the transformative work in students to live out the walk of discipleship with thankfulness for God’s gifts and increasing selflessness.


Hello from the other side

We are back in Canada now, missing Brazil, but are glad to be back in a familiar place. While reminiscing about the fantastic food and friends we made, we got to thinking about what really impacted us the most. It happened in our last couple days exploring the city of Rio de Janeiro. While admiring the view of the city from Mt. Corcovado in the shadow of the statue of Christ the Redeemer, it dawned on us that Christ really is the God of this city. No matter how much his children may stray from his arms, he is still Lord of all and is looking out for us. We want to remember this as we come back to our various homes and churches in Canada, because it is true for us as well. Our God is just as much Lord here in Camrose as he is in Rio, or Nairobi, or Belize, or Vancouver. He is King of the global church and he welcomes us all into his loving arms, and then sends us out across all sorts of barriers to be not the best we can be, but to be Christ to the world. We can do this through that same Christ who gives us strength.
Coming back to Canada, we are continuing to pray for the church of Brazil, and have some prayer requests for you if you would like to continue praying. They are:
-Pray for MOVIDA, that they would continue to move lives and encourage people to join in global missions
-Pray that the staff and volunteers at CASACAP would continue to be able to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those they minister to
-Pray that this experience would continue to mould and shape the three of us
Thank you all for your prayers! They were deeply appreciated.
Team Brazil, signing out.

Hello from Team Kenya!


Recently we arrived back in Canada and we have enjoyed reflecting and sharing a bit about our experiences. This trip has been a trip of a lifetime and we have all been changed in one way or another because of it. We are all so thankful that we had the opportunity to live in and experience Kenya for the past month.


A beautiful picture by Grace

We have come to realize how thankful and blessed we are to live in a place like Canada where we have free health care, clean water that always comes out of the tap, and lack of corruption in the government. One of the things that we love about Kenya is their excitement for Jesus. An example would be that in the church we attended in Kenya, their worship is so lively, vibrant and alive. Everyone is on fire for Christ as they are always dancing for Jesus during worship times. Unfortunately, the corruption in the government is starting to flow over into the governing board of the church of Kenya. However the members of the church are standing strong against it and are seeking to follow Christ’s way not the government’s way.


Brittany and Madison leading the children

This month has been an eye opening experience in some ways that we were not expecting. But God is in control and with His help Kenya can change and is changing. God is at work here and it has been amazing to witness that first hand. Please continue to pray for Kenya and the people here. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers this last month and for supporting us every step along the way of this journey. We look forward to sharing more about our experiences with you.


Rachel’s new friend

Signing off,

Team Kenya 2016

Madison, Brittany, Grace and Rachel


Team Kenya!

Hello friends,

We’re home! We arrived safely in Edmonton on February 6th, and have since been re-adjusting to a different culture, different settings, and a fifteen-hour time difference. We are finding the re-entry challenging and are sad that our month in East Asia has come to a close, but we are filled with thankfulness looking back on the trip. It was a month of relationship-building, growing, and learning.


With friends on our last night

Our last week flew by as we led Kids’ Camp and continued with language club. It was an incredible week and we had a blast working with and getting to know the kids. They taught us at least as much as we taught them and we’re so glad we were able to finish our trip with that experience. Even though we were tired by the end, we didn’t want it to be over and saying goodbye was difficult.


The group from Space Camp

As we reflect on our trip, we are realizing that we have developed a deeper understanding of who God is. Due to the fact that we were not always able to use the name of the Lord freely, we chose to use the name “Dad” in such cases. We have now come to know Him as Dad, which communicates a much more intimate relationship. In our conversations with people in the coffee shops, we encountered a burning curiosity for Him, and became aware of His intriguing nature. His generosity was evident in His answers to prayers and the dear friendships He blessed us with. Most importantly, perhaps, was the recognition that He is present in all things. We saw Him at work everywhere and in everything.


Playing cards with friends at the shop

One area where we saw Him at work was in the lives of the American staff at the coffee shops. These are Christian expatriates doing life with Jesus in a different country. Our relationship with them greatly altered our perspective on cross-cultural service. If believers can do life with Jesus wherever they are, then that is mission, and is something we can all do.

We were incredibly blessed by the staff’s encouragement and the opportunity to work alongside them and learn from them. We were also touched by the community of like-minded people in our city. Both churches with whom we worshipped surprised us with their love and support. Total strangers prayed for us, and one woman even collected waterproof shoes for one of our team members when an unexpected snowfall soaked her shoes. On our last Sunday, we even met a CLBI graduate who is now living and teaching in our city with her husband. She was so excited to run into fellow CLBI people and we were blessed by the opportunity to chat and pray with someone who understood both IMPACT trips and the city/country we were in. The timing of that run-in was opportune, as it rejuvenated us and added to our excitement for our last week.


Showing off our space helmets

We’re not finished processing this experience, but we know that the God we saw at work so clearly this past month is the same God who pursues us here and He is powerfully at work on both sides of the world.

Team OTOSOTW, signing off!

In Christ,

Amy, Aliya, Jessie, and Kerry